Light as a storyteller

Today we will go back in time and travel with the speed of light (heheh) (sorry) I am fascinated how artists in the past who had limited technology and resources were able to express their talents and were telling the story within the art piece mostly with lighting. Lighting is able to create certain moods,... Continue Reading →



"Green oasis enclosed inside a glass bowl," as its designer calls it, is new indoor lighting concept made of recycled plastic which the moss grows over. At the bottom of the pre-formed glass shape is LED lamp which produce heat making a perfect climate for moss to grow and specific lighting concept at the same time.... Continue Reading →

Japanese Lines of Light


Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine is a 1,300㎡ restaurant located in China, Changchun designed by Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co. The studio designed the interior in order to influence people’s thoughts and behavioral pattern across the restaurant.

Conveying the customer’s core values and aspirations, the restaurant itself reflects the “setsugekka,” a vital aspect of Japanese culture that refers to the seasons of the year: blue-white (winter), yellow-white (autumn) and pink-white (spring). Each hue dictates the essence of the restaurant by using the colors in vivid LED lights around the interior space.

Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine
Photography, Zhang Jing

Floor plans

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Impressionist of the 21st century

Combining the idea of light painting and graffiti this remarkable artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux leaves such a strong and thought-provoking impress. The most notable in his art is the fact that he leaves a trace only in viewer's mind and soul. Using a projector’s light instead of spray paint,  he turns numerous environments into his canvases...... Continue Reading →

More than 220.000 visitors come to Light+Building 2018

The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology has more and more visitors each year. 2,714 exhibitors from 55 countries (in 2016 were 2,626)  launched their innovations in the world market. In total, more than 220,000 visitors (216,610 in 2016) from 177 countries visited the Frankfurt fairground to discover the latest products, solutions and... Continue Reading →

PYRA – XICATO Luminaire Project Winner

Outside the Box

The Luminaire Project, our first full length project at University lasting almost 3 months long. PYRA is being exhibited at the Light and Build fair this year in Frankfurt.

Funded by Xicato, Mike Stoane Lighting and the LET (Lighting Education Trust), we were given the task of designing a luminaire for either a domestic or commercial environment whilst sticking to the style and product themes of the mentioned companies.

After my research process I narrowed down the themes which I wanted to work with and towards; modularity, interaction and dynamics. I wanted to design a product where no two had to look the same, where you could buy the same product as me but we both have different ways of displaying it in our own environment, thus expressing our own creative outputs wherever we chose to place it.

Working with aspects of geometry, organic forms and repetition, I started to…

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Best of Lux Helsinki Light Festival 2018

Ticket to Adventures

Lights are on in Helsinki! What a feeling! So far the winter in Helsinki has been extremely dark and rainy with zero snow and zero sunshine. This is the reason why we got so excited earlier today when the Lux Helsinki Light Festival shedded new light on the Finnish capital city.The playground for Lux Helsinki Light Festival this year is the impressive Helsinki city centre district of Kaartinkaupunki, where the streets, squares and

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